TraArt is the company branch specialized in the packaging, handling and transport of works of art. In particular, we have achieved a recognized specialization in the accrochage of the works in the exhibition venues and in the handling of heavy materials for which we have specific equipment that supports the staff experience to move safely (for example: crane, goat, forklift).

The process related to the transport of works of art must be taken care of at every stage and for this TraArt can count on coordinators in the office able to follow all stages of transport from the cost estimate to the final billing, offering the customer assistance at all times. From inspection to packaging design, it offers a service of organization and preparation of the necessary documentation (obtaining Fine Arts permits, customs documents, transport documents).

The whole team is also able to relate to the different figures involved during the handling of works of art, such as restorers for condition reports, competent officials and public or private providers and also offering the assistance service to escorts. As additional services TraArt can also offer insurance coverage with its own nail insurance at risk and a security warehouse storage service.



Accurate analysis of the characteristics of the work in question


Packaging design

Identification of the correct type of packaging to ensure its safety and integrity


Transport and Assistance

Team of experts provides assistance throughout the design process until the finished transport of the work





“Arte è quando la mano, la testa, e il cuore dell’uomo vanno insieme”


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